Look what we found:

404 Pages of the web

Some of these are ours. Some are from around the web.

And what is a 404 anyway? 

What is a 404 Page?

Your website visitors may encounter a 404 (or “page not found”) page on your site if they mistype part of a page URL on your site, or click a broken link, or try to visit a page or post that no longer exists.

Encountering one of these pages feels “wrong.” It feels like you’ve wandered somewhere you don’t belong. Or like you’re lost and not sure where to go next.

Customizing a 404 page engages your site visitor. It helps orient them to where they might want to go. It shows them that you’ve thought of everything.

At 404Play, we take your site visitor’s 404 experience seriously. We want anyone who ends up on a “page not found” to feel like they discovered a fun secret about you, and to help them find the content that will help them best.

Fun/Interesting 404s on the Web

Some of these are ours. Some we’ve encountered in the “wild wild web.” All are shared through our Instagram account.