Custom 404 Pages to Delight & engage


You don’t want them there. They don’t want to be there. But at some point, some visitor will stumble onto your 404 page. A “page not found.” A dead end on your website.

You can be simply (& boringly) “not found” or you can have a FUN experience for your visitors!

We’ll design that experience around your brand and make sure your site visitors are delighted…even when they feel like they wandered into the “Keep off the Grass” area. 

Every site has a 404 page. Most of them are boring as…well…as watching paint dry. But it doesn’t have to be that way.



If you’ve ever opened the door to the broom closet instead of the bathroom door…


If you’ve ever walked out of the theme park only to realize you left something behind…


If you’ve ever been caught snooping in someone’s medicine cabinet during a visit…

Then you know what it feels like to experience a 404 page.

But a 404 page can make us feel like we discovered an easter egg instead. Like we found buried treasure we didn’t know we were looking for.

And when YOUR site has buried treasure, your visitors will feel like you’ve included them in the FUN!

Our Latest Work

We love designing 404 experiences that match your brand and include a little whimsy and fun.